SVM PRANA Electric Bike : price, specifications, dealership


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Prana bike offers 125 kmph top speed

It has 7.2 kWh lithium-ion battery

This bike offers 225 km range on a single charge

         Coimbatore based Srivaru Motors has come up with their all-electric bike PRANA. The company has launched their first  few eco-friendly e-bike units in India. It has a very classy looks, heavy weight.  IT has been made of a Japanese bike.

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SVM Prana price, specifications, speed
svm prana electric bike


The most attractive picture is its gorgeous looks .Most of the people will like this class’s sporty e-bike with quad led projector headline system, two led term indicator and tail lamp led too. The bike draws a wandering colour  with its own personality. Many people will buy  this bike because of it’s  handsome looks, sharp roads present apart from ev benefit that it has to offer.

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  • Frame:Steel Double Cradle Tube Frame

  • Wheel Base: 1413 mm

  • Overall Width: 755 mm

  • Overall Length: 2060 mm

  • Overall Height: 1115 mm 

  • Ground Clearance: 145 mm

Specifications, Speed

  • Top speed: 123 Kmph

  • Acceleration: From 0 to 60 Kmph in 4 Seconds
  • Weight: 165 Kg

  • Breaks: 3 Channel Hydraulic Brake System with Engine cut off

            Front Break- Dual Disc (275 mm)

            Rear Breaks– single Disc(240 mm)

            Combined rear and disc with   


  • Forks : Telescopic Suspension

  • Shock Absorbers : Mono Shock Absorber

  • Carrying Capacity: Max 180 Kg

  • Head Lamp: Dual Led

  • Transmission: Direct Drive System

  • Tyres: Radial Tubeless Tyres

Front: 110/70/R17


 Tyre pressure: 28-33 psi

  • Colour: Mystery Black, passionate Red, Progressive Green, perfect white

        Elaborating a bit more than PRANA fuel tank (full of ware etc) is quite muscular and apart from that two extensions are very sharp looking .It brings split  step up seats. I don’t think it is a problem if you drive one and half hours.

       This bike comes with all digital Unit  speed , acceleration,battery charging level, odometer, clock ,step meter too.  Also there is a LED strip at top of the digital screen that lights up to right as you speed up the bike.

SVM prana bike specifications, speed, price, Book

         Handle bar of this bike is quite flat. The food pics position is slightly on the rear site and looks like a sporty bike.

Drive Mode

  • Practice Mode : Max Speed of 45 Kmph; Smooth acceleration helps to get you hang of the PRANA

  • Drive Mode: Max Speed of 80 Kmph; smooth acceleration

  • Sports Mode: Max Speed of 123 Kmph ;  aggressive torque
  • Reverse mode: Max Speed of less than 5 kmph

     If you drive an SVM PRANA, chances are you will feel a bit awkward because the bike does not have any gear or breaks Lever down there. Also  you don’t have a class Lever of left instead you get a rear brakes liver just like a scooter.

    Sports mode is the most exciting and strong where you can feel you are riding a bike. We rode 76 km in sports mode with only 50% of battery charge left.


  • Type: BLDC motor

  • Controller: Intelligent air -cooled BLDC controller with operation voltage range of 42-72V DC. Can function at 50 degree ambient temperature.


  • Type: 72V lithium-ion

  • Capacity: 4.32/ 7.2 KW
  • AC Charging: IEC<60320> ; BS 546- 15A Plug

  • Range: 126 Km | 225 Km in a Single Charge*

  • Battery Life: 2000 | 2000 Rechargeable Cycle*

  • Charging Time: 4 hours 15 minutes| 6 hours 30 minutes

*1- Range of this bike depending on your bike speed. If you drive at top speed then you can save more energy consumption

*2- Rechargeable battery life cycle based on the charging time and what kind of charger you used, use supercharger to reduce the cycles

*3- @standard India voltage 230V. Voltage variation could vary the charge time a little.

      Battery position is placed at the same  position where the engine is  located as a fuel bike.

Additional benefits

  • Safety:  there are dual disc brakes at the front and electronic regenerative braking at the rear that gives you the fastest and shortest braking distance. These are three independent brake systems in PRANA and integrated auto cut off marks the braking as an art rather than a complicated function.

  • Stability: How centre of gravity for better balance

  • Director Drive:  No clutch, no chain and fun to drive

  • Zero Emission: No carbon footprints, just tyre prints

  • Charge Anywhere: Every power outlet is a charging station

  • Parking Assist: Back out of narrow spaces easily


SVM  PRANA is correctly priced at Rs  2,25000/– rupees. Here is the interesting part for you ,  if you plan to sapling and click a picture of them and send the picture to the company, you will get a Rs-25000/– refund as part of SVM Green Credit. so, the bike price with reduce Rs- 1,99,000/- rupees only.

  • Payable Rs. 1,999/- is completely refundable

  • Vehicles allotment will only initiative upon completing the full payment respective to quited price

  • Estimated delivery time for PRANA grand can go up to 3 months, Due to increase in demand

  • All prices are subject to change at any point of time without prior notice.


Primarily, SVM Motors is operating in the southern part of India. They want to expand their plant to the major cities of the north, followed by the tier-1 and tier-2 cities. If you want to buy this bike SVM PRANA, you can contact below these no

 Ph- 8098202030,8110049200,8110059200,6374999216

No matter which city you live in.


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