Raft Motors: Launched Indus NX E-Scooter, with 450+ KM range

     Mumbai based startup company Raft Motors launched their new Indus NX in the EV market that can make a great revolution in the Electric Vehicles sector. The scooter design has unique features with a 450 plus range. Also Raft Motors gives you 1lakh Kms warranty. Quite a number of E-bike and E-Scooter launched but Raft E-Scooter surprised E-customers with their range. We have test to know the usability in our everyday life in future.

Raft Indus NX

How good are Indus EV features ?

       The Raft’s Indus NX E-Scooter provides next generation features like Reverse Gear, Theft Alarm to keep you scooter safe, Keyless Start using your phone, Remote – Locking away from your scooter, Stylish Disc Brakes and child-safe parking mode.

  •       Indus NX comes with 3 variants that fulfill every requirement, as per the company correspondents :-


  1. First Indus NX comes with portable 48V65 Ah Lithium-Ion battery that can give you 156 KMs range its only available in Mumbai and Ex-showroom price is Rs 1,18,500/-

    2.Second is a mid range variant that is Non – Movable 48V135 Ah Battery ,can give up to 324 Kms range. This Variant price is 1,19,976/- only (Ex-showroom).


3.       Top and last Variant comes with a dual battery option with 9.6 KWH        capacity, where you can drive your scooter up to 450+ Kms in single charge. Its EX_-showroom price is Rs 2,57,431/- only.

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Raft Motors Power Full Battery 

  You already read about the Raft E-Scooter range that is 450+ kms. Generally ,a question comes to mind about its battery capacity. Is it possible to cover a huge distance by an E-Scooter in a single charged battery ? Raft Motors comes with dual battery options with 10 Amp fast charging that you can set up in your house easily to save your time.



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Now we see some features of its battery:-

  • It gives you flexible wired terminals so that you can connect easily.

  • Provide new technology In Built Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Raft Motors gives you a protection material that makes your battery pack more rugged.

  • Battery is in customized size as per the customer request.

  • This battery comes with BIS approved to use for reliability

  • The battery charger is available in 60V-24Ah; 60V-30Ah; 60V-36Ah; 60V-40Ah; 48V-24Ah ; 48V-30Ah; 48V-36Ah; 72V -36Ah

Raft Motors has taken this battery name as Raft Lifepo4. Right now , it is India’s No -1 Lithium battery with 1lakh KMs warranty and three years Warranty. 


Model No


Battery name


Nominal voltage

60.8V DC

Battery capacity

24 Ah

Total Energy consume


Discharge current


Peak/pulse discharge current


Discharge cutoff voltage

47.5V DC

Charging cut off Voltage

69.35V DC


14.65 kg

Charging temperature

0 to 50C

Charger current


Charging Station

  Raft Motors after smart,safe and innovative charging solutions to make it easy for any Raft Motors customer. Raft Motors provide a variety of charging solutions like -EV fleet solution commercial spaces and charging at office, public charging etc. Raft Motors claims that they Will give you a perfect charging solution-

  • Easy to charging at home, office, public place etc

  • worry – free experience

  • Easy billing & payment

  • Attractive mobile dashboard

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 Raft Motors Some Accessories

     Raft Motors not only working on E -Scooter but also working on some accessories like 

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  1. Raft Motors working on digital field, they launched Raft smart tv.its price is Rs 15, 4 00/- only

  1. Rarking cover, its price is Rs 400/-

  1. They also launched seat cover at the price of Rs 250/-

  1. Safety guard, a new invention of Raft Motors. They have list it’s price Rs 1,800/-

  1. Raft Motors bring their most fabulous design helmet and they kept its cost Rs 1,400/-

  1. The last accessory is Raft Motors’ best sound system. They kept its name Raft Karaoke with Rs 12,750/- only.

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  • Karaoke is a multimedia portable trolley speaker

  • Offers a intense sound quality

  • The looks of this speaker is stylish with advanced features

  • Loud and Undisturbed music sound

  • Karaoke create a perfect party atmosphere

  • Perfect for any celebration

This Karaoke 12″ speaker Trolley speaker system comes with a USB MP3 player to enjoy music.

You can record your voice , speech or songs to USB or SD Card.

Its stylish looks with bluetooth inbuilt USB and also provide Memory Card slot ,FM and ANX- connect and play music.

In this speaker you can connect dual wireless VHF Mic and additional wired mic slots MIC Echo control & MIC volume control.

The Karaoke speaker comes with a 30W RMS tweeter that increases sound music volume control and Bars treble control.

Karaoke provides a rechargeable battery where you can play music for up to 4-5 hours that  you excite yourself.

ARAI/ICAT Card Registration for E-Scooter

Just go to Raft Motors official site and apply your ARAI/ICAT card for registration

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Training section 

This is the 1st in India that any automotive company provides their training facility for their Indus NX E-Scooter. Male and Female can take this facility for only 99/- rupees.Maximum 10  both male and female candidates attend in one batch.

Time: 9 am to 6 pm and 6 pm to 3 am ( training will go on Day & Night) and this training duration is only 5 days. This training will be provided by Raft Motors Technician and manufacturing team.


Raft Motors provide a strong dealership all over India across 550 cities. They claim that this dealership will increase in every country of India by March 2022 and every country across Global by March 2023, as per their future plan shared by Managing Director Perivesh Shukla . Hope Raft Motors makes their impact on gained massive popularity and demand in recent festival times.

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Ganesh Industrial Estate Deodal, Kaman , Bhiwandi Rd,Sagar Hotel Vasai East, Maharashtra: 401208

   If you have any question about Nexun EV, please contact as at 

 [email protected] raftmotors.com

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