What makes Ola E-Scooter different from other scooters?

Climate change is a big problem not only in India but also in the World . So, we need to reverse it. And,we all know Ola E-scooter make a difference. But how is it possible? 80% of the Vehicles sold in India but only 12% two wheeler are India owned. These Vehicles consume about 12000 cr litres of fuel every year and make up 40% of air pollution. We need electric vehicles and ola  is one of them. It’s a revolution of two wheels, it’s called the Ola S1 . It is quite simple and the best scooter in India right now.

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Ola E-scooter

S1  top 10 stunning colours

   Ola electric scooter makes a huge impact on the EV two wheeler customers of its stunning looks. Yes, it’s stunning and cute looks attract people to being together.  Ola scooter available in 10 stunning colours in sattin, matte and glossy finishes.  S1 has iconic twin headlamps, ergonomic and fluidic body, nice alloy wheels, sculpted seating and the largest boot space that fits two helmets comfortably.


Ola S1
Ola S1

 S1  battery and motor peak power

  It is different from other scooters in terms of its best performance.

  • Of course range is one of the biggest causes. If you compare it to the other electric scooter it’s around 70 to 80 Km but on the other side Ola S1 comes with 181 Kms. Lots of customers want electric scooters.

  •  If you look at the acceleration of this scooter 0-40km in 3.0 seconds as compared to other scooters it takes 5 to 6 seconds and the top speed of Ola S1 is 115 kmph.

  • Hence, the range of this Ola S1 is   181 Kms. so its battery capacity is 3.97 kWh, much more than the other electric scooter that is around 3.4 kwh. The peak power of the Ola S1 motor is 8.5 kw.

  • Lots of customers also search the charging time as well as their range. Surprisingly, the charging time of Ola S1 takes just 75 km  in 18 minutes compared to the other scooter.

  • It comes with Battery Management System (BMS) which works on battery durability, performance, range and safety. But you cannot see these features on the other electric scooters.

Ola S1
Ola S1

Best Future Technology

        S1 brings the best performance for its best Technology.

Ola S1
Ola S1

It has no physical key and it’s only open with your phone with its “digital key” feature. It helps you to unlock automatically and lock itself as you move away.

On the other hand, few electric scooters provide this kind of “digital key” features.

It has a multi microphone array, AI speech recognition algorithms that have been built in house

     On the other side are the kinds of features you can not see.

    And the sharpest and brightest 7-inch touch screen display makes ola so classy.

      But other electric scooter provide touch screen that 4 to 5 inch.

       Ola S1 has four moods that sound like an engine scooter. The four moods are- Bolt, Case, Vintage and wonder and these moods offer a unique Vehicles sound experience that matches your mood of the day.

        But other electric Scooter offer       you three types of modes but some scooter don’t offer any artificial sound  with their scooter

    It will also come with three driving modes – Normal, Sports and Hyper for you to personalise how you ride.

   Ola has a lot of safety features which are in two wheelers. It has an anti theft alert system, geo fencing , and a battery which is flame retardant and water & dust resistant. It has front and disc brakes and “Hill Hold ” feature which helps riding in traffic and navigating inclines easily.

      Ola comes with 100/70 R12 tyres that are much superior road trip and riding experience.

     The scooters also have Voice Recognition that helps you key tasks quickly.

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Ola S1
Ola S1 Price

customers are thinking it will cost more because of its futuristic technology. But the price of  Ola S1 is only Rs 99,999.

This is an ex-showroom including FAME-II subsidy and does not include state subsidy.

    The Ola scooter will be much more affordable than many petrol scooters. It costs only Rs 85,099 (after subsidy) in Delhi and Rs 79,999 (after subsidy) in Gujarat. You can also buy through EMI plans starting at Rs 2,999.

        This up will officially open the Ola S1 for purchase from 15th September 2021 and will be launched in 1000 cities and towns in October.

 If you compare other scooter price that is about Rs 1.37 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh range.


To see the above Ola S1 design, performance, price you can easily say Ola S1 is the best scooter right now.

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