In 2021 Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Review, Design, ,Range, Specifications, Price,Colours, Dealership

       Pune  based Bajaj EV Company has come up with their all-electric bike Bajaj Chetak. The company has launched their first  few eco-friendly e-scooter units in India. It has a very classy look, and is medium weight.  


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Bajaj Chetak


    Bajaj Chetak

    The most attractive picture is its gorgeous looks .Most of the people will like this classy e-scooter with  LED DRL  headline system, two led term indicator and tail lamp led too. The bike draws a wandering colour  with its own personality. Many people will buy  this scooter because of it’s  handsome looks, sharp roads present apart from ev benefit that it has to offer.

         Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter comes with 2 varients and  6 colours option i.e Citrus Rush, Cyber White, Brooklyn Black, Hazelnut, Indigo Metallic, Velluto Russo



    Steel Double Cradle Tube Frame

    Wheel Base

    — mm

    Overall Width

    — mm

    Overall Length


    Overall Height


    Ground Clearance




    Ip67-rated Bosch, lithium ion


    3 kWh

    AC Charging

    5A Socket under the seat


    90-95 km (IDC as per AIS 040)

    Battery Life*

    7 years

    Charging Time

    0-100% charging time-5 hours

    0-80% charging time-3.5 hours

    Battery Warrenty

    3 years

    1*-At usual travel speed of city traffic. If travelled at top speed for most of the time , it will increase the energy consumption.

    2*- Rechargeable cycle based on the charging time and charger used, i.e supercharger will reduce the cycles. Bajaj Chetak lithium-ion battery is cover 70000 kms in 7 years. All time try to kept  charged above 15% capacity and used it regularly. Bajaj offers 3 years warranty or 50000 kms.

    Specifications & Features

    Top Speed

    70 Kmph


    0 to 60 km in 4 seconds




    Channel Hydraulic Brakes System (CBS) with Engine Cut off

    Front -Disc (…mm)

    Rear -Drump (…mm)


    Front-Trailing link suspension

    Rear-single side swingarm

    Carrying capacity


    Head Lamp

    DRS LED Light

    Brake/Tail Light

    LED Tail Lamp

    Turn Signal

    LED Blinkers

    Pass Signal



    Director Drive System


    MRP Tubeless Tyre

    Front-12 inch (90/90)

    Rear-12 inch

    Tyre Pressure -…


    Citrus Rush, Cyber White, Brooklyn Black, Hazelnut, Indigo Metallic, Velluto Russo

    GPS & Navigation


    Artificial Sound


    Parking Assist


    Hill Assist


    Anti Theft System


    Start/Stop Button


    USB Charging


    Front Storage Box


    Under Seat Storage




    Low Battery Indicator


    More about Bajaj Chetak

    Bajaj chetak remember the memories a time gone by and the chetak comes with an electric scooter with iconic LED DRL headlamp and strong Steel metallic fluid body.

    Bajaj Chetak comes with 2 varients and 6 colours option that is Premium and Urban varient.  “Premium” version that provide you a disc brake at the front wheel and  a classy metallic grey paint on the wheals and the seating seat looks Premium. The top”Urban” verient provides you a drum brakes at the both ends and solid colours.

      The Chetak pack with coated IP67 rated Bosch, lithium-ion 3 kwh battery provide power 3.8 kw/4.08 kw motor for 95 kilometre in Eco and 85 kilometre in Sport.


    The Chetak front trailing link suspension and single side swingarm rear brakes you a pretty good ride.Also its MRFs 12inch tubeless wheels on the both end gives you a solid grip on the road .

    Bajaj claim that it takes 5 hours to charge the 100 percent of battery and from 0-80% charge in  3.5 hours. Bajaj chetak comes with 5A socket under the seat and you need a technician to install it. At this time, they don’t have any fast charging fecility.


    Drive Modes

    Sports Mode

    Max Speed 85 kmph;smooth acceleration

    Eco Mode

    Max Speed 95 kmph; aggressive & exciting Torque

    Reverse Mode





    Max Torque (nm @ rpm)

    16 Nm

    Max Power (hp @ rpm)

    3.8 kW / 4.08 kW

    Motor Warranty



    Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter comes with two verients i.e premium and Urban. Premium Verient is available at Rs-1,31,598/- and top Urban verient cost is Rs-1,38,992/-

    Bajaj Chetak




    (85-95 km,70 kmph,5Hrs)



    (85-95 km,70 Kmph,5Hrs)



    This is not ex-showroom price.

    Others Benefits

    Safety : Front disc brake and rear dump brake that gives you the fastest and shortest braking distance. If you drive more traffic, hill area where you will get hundred percent safety.

    Stability: Low centre of gravity for better balance

    Director Drive: No clutch,no chain and fun to drive

    Zero Emission: No carbon footprints, just tyre prints

    Charger Anywhere: Every power outlet is a charging station

    Parking Assist: Back out of narrow spaces easily.


    Primarily, Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter is operating in western part of India. They want to expand their plant to the major cities of north, followed by the tier-1 and tier -2 cities. If you want to buy this Chetak scooter , you can contact given below-



    [email protected]

    #1-8/389, Queens plaza, Near Rasoolpura Metro Station, Police Line, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana,500016


     [email protected]


    [email protected]

    Ac-9/1, 1st Floor,Above Health & Glow, 2nd Avenue, Anna Nagar (West) ; Chennai-600102


    [email protected]


    [email protected] Indiranagar

    #657,100 Ft Road, Near Kfc Restaurent Junction, Indiranagar, Bengaluru


    [email protected]


    [email protected] Aurangabad

    Pahariya Auto center,Shop No.6, Abc Complex,Adalat Road, Jonkanwadi, Aurangabad, Maharashtra-431001


    [email protected]

    How to Book Bajaj Chetak Online?

    It is very simple process.

    Step 1: create your account and fill up your details and verify OTP details

    Step 2: choose specific varient and colour of Chetak, and your Chetak dealership

    Step 3: pay booking amount online on selected Chetak dealership.

    Click here to learn

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