Electric bike vs petrol bike -which one you should buy ?

     If you are a bike lover and you want to buy a bike then a question appears in  your mind “Electric bike vs Petrol bike- which one you buy? price, range, specifications, and other benefits”. Today the government and automotive companies are making an effort to shift the two wheeler from fuel to electric -is it the right choice for a customer?

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If you want to buy a bike in future but you are confused what you will choose, electric or petrol bike .Today in my blog i  discuss “Electric bike vs  petrol bike -which one you buy ? price ,range, specifications, other benefits”.

Electric bike vs Petrol bike


     Right now, electric biker un on lithium ion  and petrol bikes run on petrol. Today, we can see the availability of electric bikes in the market. The range of electric bikes is 80km to120 km and some bikes provide 150 Km plus range. On the other hand, petrol bike range is much more than the electric bike .There is no issue on the range.

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     If you are compare specification between electric bike and petrol bike, there is lot more difference between electric bike and petrol  bike because electric bike run by  electric motor and petrol bike run by powerful combustion engine


      Electric bike

Petrol bike

Top Speed

70-80 kmph



0-60km in 3 to 4 seconds

0 to 60 km in 7 to 8 seconds







Shock absorber



Reverse Speed

Less than 5Kmph

No reverse Speed

Wheel Size





No digital screen


Artificial sound

Engine sound

power by

Lithium ion battery


Run by

BLDC motor

Combustion engine



Metallic & fiber





100 to 130 kg

100kg to above


70 to 80 km

No limit

Charging time

4-5 hours(portable charger) & 1.5 hours (fast charger)

Just 5 minutes to fill petrol from petrol pump

Carrying capacity

About 100kg

Above 100kg

Anti theft System





Physical key


     The major question that comes to our mind is the price difference between electric bikes or petrol bikes. I already discussed electric bikes run by batteries and motor systems. On the other hand petrol bikes are run by petrol and combustion engines. So, the price of both bikes should not be the same.

The electric bike comes with a price between 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh, the most valuable part of the bike is its lithium ion  battery.

On the other hand petrol bikes are easily available in the market between Rs-50,000/- to above.

You are ride 5000 Km in  future that cost would be raised Rs 5000/- But for petrol bike , you have to pay 1 lakh for 5000 Km

Electric Bike Advantages

Electric bike vs Petrol bike

Cost per kilometre


Electric bike has a battery charging facility. The battery capacity is around 3 to 4 kilowatt. As per the charging cost Rs 5/- rupees per unit ,its cost is 15 to 20 rupees. Under 15 to 20 rupees you can go 80 kilometres .But the petrol bike covers 50 to 60 kilometres in one litre i.e  you have to pay ₹100/- rupees.

Zero Emission


You already know,  the petrol engine emits CO2, CO and various toxic gases. On the other electric bike is zero emission(run by battery). There is no effect on the environment.



The maintenance of electric bikes is nearly zero. because there is very little rain. Yes, you may change the battery tyre after 5 to 6 years. That would be costly as per the lithium ion battery. But in future battery technology may change that can affect battery cost. For a petrol bike you have to pay more for maintenance because it is run by a combustion engine.

Electric Bike Disadvantages

Charging facility

Electric bikes come with two types of charging facility that is portable home charger and fast charger . Public charging is not available everywhere. If you drive 15 to 20 kilometre everyday then you can buy this electric bike and charge it at home easily. But for the petrol bike , there are a lot of petrol pumps available across india.

Charging Time

One of the big issues for electric bikes is charging time. Electric bike takes 4 to 5 hours (for portable charger) and 1.5 hours( fast charger). But a petrol bike takes just 5 minutes to fill the petrol tank of a bike. So, petrol bikes are much safer.

Parts availability

Right now, electric bikes are not available across India,so the availability of parts is not enough across India . But for petrol bikes, there is no issue.


Right now  if you compare electric bikes and petrol bikes then petrol bikes are much better . But electric bikes are not for away. In the future electric bikes are coming fast because of their availability and infrastructure.

Reading the advantages and  disadvantages. You can easily decide  which one you have to buy: an electric bike or a petrol bike. Please comment and share your opinion” which one is good?” 


Hi, I am a blogger. I am working about 2 years. I share electric vehicles news and updates.

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