China’s Dao EV Tech to make two wheeler in India to export in Us and Europe

  China’s Dao EV Tech to make two wheeler in India to export in Us and Europe .Dao EV Tech is the next player in electric vehicles (EV) who not only sell their two wheelers in India but also export in US, Europe , as  the name of Dao 703. This is one of the best ‘high speed’ electric scooter Dao 703, in mid January, 2022. Booking of this  electric scooter has started on  Thursday,21 October and will be delivered to the customers as per the scheduled day.The Dao 703 is available in India at a price of Rs 1.20 lakh. But after the state government subsidy cost will reduce Rs 86, 000/- the company said. Although , the starting price of Dao EV is Rs 60,000/-.

Dao 703 EV

    Dao EV Tech wants to tap into India’s domestic EV market, after entering in India.“ We will be shifting our exports from China after we begin manufacturing at a planned production facility in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. We already have the market base available”, Maneesh singh, VP- strategic development, Dao EV Tech.

    Dao EV Tech claims that shifting from China to India is a big opportunity for their company. During the COVID-19 year, the company exported about 40 lakh units from China to the US and Europe, he said.

Actually , this Dao 703 is available only in  south India with a batch of 20 dealers. In the future, they want to make their presence nationwide 300 dealers within 1 year and a half. Dao EV Tech, planning to sell their Dao703 about one lakh per annual panel in india.

Also Singh said,” The idea is to ensure that the entire supply chain distribution, technology, consumer after sales and operations-grows well, and makes a viable and profitable business for dealers”.

At first,Dao EV Tech  wanted to work on the 1st in three models in the first phase.First two models will be “low speed” models, aimed for commercial  application. All this Dao 703 model is available with swappable lithium ion batteries. He said his company wants to make a different approach that will be different from Ather Energy or Ola Electric who launched variant options on a single model.

And to compete with them and rest other electric two wheelers company, Dao EV Tech plans to make a profit making portfolio.“we have promised and committed that we will do at least two models every year” he said. To increase customers’ interest in his Dao EV Tech company product, the company will offer you a free service for life. They provide 3 years of battery Warranty. But you can extend this warranty from 3 years to 6 years at cost.

Dao 703 EV battery

Michael Liu,Dao EV Tech’s chairman, said “a car for every purse and purpose” by the legendary president of General Motors, Alfred Sloan , wants to offer a multiple choice Dao EV Tech’s customers. In India, they are inspired by Maruti Suzuki and they want make impact of their market reach as the Maruti Suzuki. Singh said,“Our concentration is to go every tier-3, tier-4 level market”. The company has appointed some dealers across India. They also planning to set up their battery swapping centre at grocery shops in some places .

   Dao EV Tech already set up their first assembly facility in Zaheerabad. Also they are thinking of setting up more plants in Chakan,near Pune,to make a favourable ecosystem across India.

  In future, they are planning to set up another plant in Delhi-NCR, it could be a manufacturing hub of Manesar. While the Dao EV maker has lined up such a plan, the 3s operations could be a fourth of the company’s overall business. They are expecting the rest of the revenue will come from other business of 3PL services, shared mobility, battery swapping. These services will be under a subsidy of Dao EV Tech.

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