BMW unveil electric vehicles BMW i Vision Amby & I vision circular concept

World famous German multinational company BMW(Bayerische Motoren Werke AG)unveiled “Electric vehicles BMW I Vision Amby and circular concept.” BMW luxury vehicles launched their electric cars in the past  but this BMW I Vision Amby and BMW I Vision Circular Concept are totally different and futuristic.

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BMW  i Vision Amby electric bicycle

BMW  i Vision Amby electric bicycle

This is the first BMW i Vision Amby high speed pedelec electric bicycle they unveiled. The design of this bicycle is very handsome and also very interesting.This cycle is a lot more different from a normal bicycle. The BMW I Vision concept is very futuristic . It is a single seater bicycle and the handlebar is quite interesting. 100% recycled material used to make BMW I Vision bicycle and is itself 100% recyclable.

      Let us now elaborate the technical specification of this BMW’s I Vision electric bicycle one by one. BMW I vision is a high speed electric bicycle. This bicycle comes with a 2000wh  lithium ion battery which can give you up to 300 km range in its lowest power mode. This bicycle provides 3 top speed modes. First one restricts you up to 25 km per hour, smooth acceleration; second one restricts you up to 45 km per hour, smooth application; last and 3rd mode is up to 60 Km per hour, aggressive acceleration.

Another key feature is a small slim LED light strip in the handlebars. BMW I Vision also provides LED rear light and a storage box between the frames for urban life and a security backpack or laptop bag.

You can charge  this bicycle for only 3 hours which is fast charging.



BMW I Vision Circular Concept

Vision electric car will be four  seater electrically powered and offer you a good and suitable space in the car for the long drive.

According to the company’s statement “The BMW I Vision circular illustrates  our all-encompassing multicolour way of thinking when it comes to sustainable mobility. It symbolises our ambition to be a pioneering force in the development of a circular economy”. Says Oliver Zipse, chairman of the Board of management,BMW AG.

 We lead the way of resource efficiency in production of new BMW and we are seeking to expand this status to all stages of the vehicle’s life cycle. This is a question of economic sustainability too, as the current trend is commodity prices. Clearly shows the financial consequences in store for any industry that is reliant on finite resources.”

 “We will take the next big step towards achieving this with the ‘Neue Klasse’ models. We appreciate there are many BMW fans longing for a fast foretaste of the ‘Neue Klasse’ , but the   BMW I Vision circular is not it. I can  promise, however,that, on a sustainability level, the ‘Neue klasse’ is being developed with the same mindset applied for the BMW I Vision recent circular.”

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